Northeast Austin Communities For Education Readiness

Improving educational outcomes for our children

NACER is a community partnership and “family of schools” that supports students’ literacy and basic needs using the Northeast Early College High School as the backbone for our work. Our mission is to ensure every student graduates empowered to recognize their opportunities, realize their potential, and become responsible contributing members of their community.

NACER supports the coordination of academic, social, and health services through partnerships among our elementary and secondary schools, our District, and community-based organizations.


Strong Sustainable Community Schools

engaging partnerships between schools and community with a common goal of improving student learning

Strong Academic Supports

aligning instruction and resources across the family of schools to ensure student academic growth

Wraparound Services

community-based, culturally-relevant, and family-centered networks to support students

Aligned Schools

The NACER family of schools is comprised of 8 elementary schools and 2 middle schools that feed into Northeast Early College High School. By working closely together toward shared academic and community goals, we ensure that our students are primed for success when they walk through any of our doors.

Barrington Elementary

Graham Elementary

Hart Elementary

Pickle Elementary

T.A. Brown Elementary

Walnut Creek Elementary

Webb Primary

Winn Elementary

Dobie Middle School

Webb Middle School

Northeast Early College High School

Our Partners

We have selected partners in this commitment that understand the foundational ideas of community schools, including shared planning and leadership, the value of coordinated partnerships, becoming a welcoming community hub and reducing student learning barriers through student and family supports.